Best Renovations to Help Sell Your Home

Start thinking about home renovations long before you consider selling your house

When you know you are going to sell your home, you want to get the most possible money you can from the sale. That process starts weeks, months, and possibly even years in advance of selling the home, as home renovations have proven time and again to boost property value far more than they usually cost. However, you have to balance your budget with what you can actually do, but within these constrictions, you need to choose specific projects that bring the most bang for your buck. Keep reading to learn the best renovations to help sell your home.

If your home has old siding, consider replacing it with fresh vinyl siding.

The average cost of this is around twelve grand. However, when the home is sold, you can expect back around 80 percent of that expense, making it a very profitable renovation to help sell your home. New vinyl siding is often consciously recognized as a highlight feature, and it helps the home with curb appeal.

Before you do replace siding, consider if the old siding needs replacement. Sometimes, a good power washing is all that is really necessary, which is certainly much cheaper and would save your money for something else. If you do go for a replacement, consider your color options carefully. White colors highlight dirt, but a combination of taupe with black shutters conveys a rich and stately look.

Another option that boosts curb appeal but is a lot cheaper than new siding is a new garage door, if yours is street-facing. Expect to spend around $2,300, but also expect to get nearly 90 percent of that value back. Doors with additional windows are quite trendy, and websites that sell garage doors often have a feature where you can upload a photo and see previews online before doing anything.

Inside the home, consider the installation of wood flooring. You might pay out nearly six grand for this, but you get over 90 percent back. Oak is popular, especially in the Northeast. Choose hardwood over any products that are engineered, if you can. Off-gassing and high formaldehyde levels turn off some buyers. If you already have hardwood floors, just get them refinished.

Interestingly enough, some renovations that you might think of as big ticket items in fact do not bring back that much value. That includes kitchen and bathroom renovations. Homeowners like to put their own touch on such rooms, so it’s better to just spruce them up and make them look nice as cheaply as you can rather than sink tens of thousands into redoing them. Your budget is far better spread out over the previously listed renovations. The notable exceptions are turning half baths into full baths, or just adding a bathroom where one did not used to be.

These are the best renovations to help sell your home.

Prospective buyers who visit and tour homes with these features are likely to buy your home faster and for more value than other properties that are not as enhanced.

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